To just sleep in a car like this, with your best friend or boyfriend and not worry because its just you two and tomorrow you’re just going to climb out of bed and into the front of the car where you’ll drive off. Another day on your road trip together, living, laughing, loving.


Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill spray painted “Kurt smells like teen spirt man” on a wall in Kurt Cobains apartment because that’s the type of deodorant his girlfriend wore and he didn’t know it was a deodorant and thought it sounded cool and wrote a song about it and if you don’t think that’s the coolest thing you’ve ever heard you can get RIGHT out of town

Scarlett Johansson by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair May 2014


Les Diableries, a series of stereoscopic photographs published in Paris during the 1860s


The mosaic foot is bare. appeared in the June 1, 1956, Vogue (via)